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Manifest your dreams

Dreams come from the soul; they are your spiritual mission and are not to be confused with ego-led desires. It is ok to have desires and emotions but it is important to tune inward in order to listen to the whispers of your soul, your intuitions. Discerning your intuitions is how you can manifest your dreams and by manifesting your dreams you will be evolving as a unite being (union of the body mind soul). Your soul is always here with you to guide you. Learn how to unite and connect your body and mind back to your soul.

Before getting into practical steps, which I found useful to manifest dreams, I would like to clarify what I believe to be a common misinterpretation of spiritual purpose:

Having and wanting to manifest a dream that appears to be materialistic does not necessarily mean it is an ego-led dream, or that it doesn’t come from your soul. Wishing and wanting something material (a car, a big garden, a tennis club, a trip somewhere, etc.) can indeed be led by your Higher Self in order to manifest your soul purpose - it all depends on the intention you place behind such a request. Being spiritual and connected to your soul and the universe doesn’t mean you should ban all material things in your life. Keep in mind that we all have different missions and experiences to live here, some of us will live a hermit type of life with very succinct to no material belongings while others will own acres of land with a castle, there are no value judgment to place here – the hermit won’t be more spiritual than the castle owner because of his lifestyle. It’s all about the true purpose behind each of their actions, which matters.

Practical steps you can implement to manifest your dream(s):

1. Define it: what do you want?

  • Start by writing down in a concise way what you want and why (the purpose behind the request).

  • Start as simply as that: “ I want …”

  • Be careful not to be to detailed about the description of your dream. We are not asking for a full novel here simply because your imagination will never get you as far as what the universe can create for you, so leave some room for the magic to happen. For instance, when stating “ I want to open a bakery on street (name of the street) in order to get more involved in the community and share my love for bread with them.” you are limiting your options to that specific street. You’ve probably run a marketing survey or know the area very well as the most busy street of your city but maybe better locations do exist for your project (with different/better neighbors, landlord, clientele, rent, future urban plans, facility size, parking access, or so many more reasons you cannot see today but which could be limiting your business).

2. Re-assess: whose dream is it?

  • More often than you’d think, we tend to want to manifest someone else’s dream. It could be that you feel like you need to prove yourself to that person or institution (parents, significant other, organization, community, society you live in, etc.) such as wanting a successful career to prove yourself to others. Or that you’re “imposing” a dream on someone such as wanting your kid to be successful and have a thriving career. Last but not least, we can also be trying to manifest a dream for our old self – who we used to be but no longer are, it is ok to change, embrace those changes and cut of old patterns.

  • Therefore it is crucial that you go back to step 1 and re-assess what you want.

3. Ask for it:

  • Duh! Yes, ask for it and place your request out loud, it’s more powerful.

  • To whom? Ask help to manifest your dream to your team: the universe, your guides, your higher self, your God, nature, mother Earth, or whomever you feel connected to on a spiritual level.

  • Feel your connection, talk to them and thank them.

4. Be consistent:

  • What I mean here is that if you’re asking for a blue shirt today and a green one tomorrow (obviously those are only metaphors for someone undecided), you’re going to confuse everyone in your team of helpers. Stick to your dream and be patient.

  • However, you’re not married for life to your request. If you do think a request you’ve asked help for is no longer something you want, you can in the same process as for Step 3 clearly state out that you no longer want this to happen. By saying things, you take a stand and let your subconscious, energy field and teams know.

5. Create space thanks to YOGA.

There are 2 major areas into which I believe yoga can play a huge role in the manifestation of your dream.

  • The practice of yoga through its various limbs such as the asana and pranayama will allow you to create space within. We open up and create space by letting go of old patterns and what no longer serves us. Yoga allows for a better flow of energy through the bodies, it can unlock blockages and heal wounds - 3 very important steps in the manifestations of your dream. Obviously this can be done through various other ways (alternative therapy, personal development, etc.) but is not to be forgotten in your overall processes. You need to do some personal work and be willing to troubleshoot what might be preventing you from achieving your dream. Probably, the most difficult part of this process is to change your habits and way of living/thinking. You have to be open to something different to happen. Read my article on how yoga can help with change, here.

  • Then I would say that meditation is a perfect tool to build your connection with your higher self and team of helpers. While meditating you will be more incline to receive guidance, discern your intuition and get clarity on what you want. You can also use meditation as a tool for visualization. Indeed, visualizing your dream and feeling the sensations & emotions it will procure is a great way to deepen your request.

6. Additional tools:

  • I love vision boards (examples can easily be found on Pinterest; like this one) and I believe they are a great way to get you inspired and motivated on a daily basis to work toward your dream.

  • If visualization while meditating isn’t your thing, you can use journaling for the same purpose. Writing is a powerful tool, like when we speak out loud, when we write something down it leaves a better imprints in our subconscious mind.

  • Gratitude opens doors, the more grateful you are toward what you have to more you’ll have to be grateful for.

7. Take action:

Your dream won't be knocking on your door if you stay here waiting. Take action - make researches, brainstorm ideas, build an action plan, draft something, etc. Then, little by little you will see things evolving in alignment with your intentions.


Practice and all is coming.



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