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Collective Consciousness

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

We are light, we are divine, we are spiritual beings, we are multidimensional, call it the way you want to but ultimately the result is the same, we are more than our untrained mind can comprehend. Indeed, we’ve been raised not to believe in what we do not grasp with our 5 senses, thus many people still do not believe in the power of the energy that exist within and around us. However, everything is energy, every objects, beings, space in between 2 things, thoughts, places, universes, everything vibrates to a specific frequency. Here is a more concrete example (for your rational mind) Don’t you believe in gravity? Most probably you do, but have you ever seen it? Can you give it a color and a shape? Most probably you can’t. Why that? Because we haven’t trained our brain to see, understand and feel beyond our 5 senses. Thus, the more we open up to the energy field, the more new worlds will arise to be discovered, with their own concepts and mechanics, all we need is to train ourselves to more subtle frequencies.

This energy that animates everything (whether we are aware of it or not) within and around us is also what connects us. “We are all one” they said, is actually a more profound understanding of the wholeness we create together through these links of energy. This connectivity is the collective consciousness, which creates meaningful impact on one another, as it encompasses a set of shared believes, thoughts, ideas, morals, etc. within a group. All of us are impacted by that collective consciousness without (always) realizing it. The groups we are in (including humanity as a whole) are impacted by each individual’s thoughts and behaviors. Obviously, the more a thoughts or feelings is emitted, as a frequency by the mass, the more its energy is magnified and the more impact it has in the universe itself. This is why you may have experienced a deeper meditation state when practicing as a group, or simply feeling lift up by a group in a yoga class, that’s the ripple effect of the group consciousness. On the other side, the more humans experience and feel fear, the more fear will impact the whole world, having a ripple effect on the entire planet. Can you imagine the consequences of people’s reactions toward global events such as terrorism, financial crisis, pandemic, etc. ? Don’t let guilt feed you when answering this question! We have enough guilt in our collective consciousness, but simply remember that your thoughts and feelings impact your surroundings. Acknowledge your emotions and change them should you want to spread a different vibration out to the universe and to humanity. The more you bring awareness to how you feel and the more you practice the dismantling of your negative ego, the easiest it will become for you to control, guide and interact (or not) with the subtle vibrations around you.

Embodying Compassion, Empathy and Love is the answer. Don’t feel angry at anyone or anything (situation, place, etc.), but rather feel Compassion for them. Practice Empathy and leave your self-centered bubble, which we have been told to cultivate in this western individualistic world. And carry those 2 feelings through Love, act based on love and not based on fear. It can be very challenging not to fall in the trap of “negativity” such as fear, when facing major events but that’s also where your true responsibility resides. “Be the change you want to see in the world” said Gandhi. So if you want a world based on Love and Kindness, incarnate it regardless of the outside events. As I am writing this article (end of March 2020), most of the world is lock down to prevent a global pandemic, tell me about fear in our collective consciousness! Be strong, be brave, be responsible and do not consent to fear. Use this quarantine as an opportunity to change the world. “Together” is our biggest strength. We have to start the ripple effects NOW, it won’t start by itself if no one initiate it. So here is an invitation to change the collective consciousness with more Love, Compassion and Empathy. Say no to fear, anger and service to self. Say YES to Love and service to others. Question all norms, believes, systems and institutions you belong to and use your discernment to consent in anythings rather than believing in what the mass (collective consciousness) believes in. Once we all become aware of this power, we can co-create a peaceful world, free from war, illness, poverty, trauma, violence, tyranny, abuse, etc. You may call me an utopist, but only when you get to remove that thought (generated by the collective consciousness) away from your consciousness, you’ll then be able to awaken and free yourself.

Be the light you are.



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